F A Q 

How long are the sessions?

It depends on the services you want. 

Do you need a copy of my child’s school iep or 504 plan?

Yes, here at IEP tutoring we tailor our session around your child’s academic needs. 

Do you tutor students that are not on an iep?


What if my child has special needs?

 We are here for your child’s tutoring needs

What are accommodations?

An accommodation is something that is adjusted, changed, added, or taken away to fit a person's need towards their academics.


What are modifications?

A modification is a change. It could be a change in environments, schedules, special interest in learning, limited expectations, the use of timers, and more. 

What are the terms and agreements? 

We have 3-week trials and month-to-month terms and semester terms. 

Are you confused about your child’s IEP? What does all this mean?

 If this is you book a free 15-minute consultant with us. 

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He loves for students to read to him!