All about Mrs. Keyona J.  

Keyona Jones founder of IEP Tutoring & consulting LLC. I have been married for 20 years to a loving husband, we have two girls and we adopted a pup that loves to be read too.

   My personal experience as a parent with children with learning disabilities, anxiety, ADHD, and epilepsy has equipped me to help other families look forward to success. As my children’s advocate and their #1 supporter I have to educate them and myself. I have 15years of professional education experience. 

   I have an Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in Health Administration with a minor in finances from the University of Phoenix.  I’m in the process of obtaining my license in Mild to Moderate Intervention-special education. I have a professional education background in Edmark reading program, Wilson reading fun-dations, Collins Writing Program, and Ashley Barlow Advocate Certification Course. I have been living my dream in education for the last 15 years. 10 of the years have been in special education, which is my passion.  I currently have a teaching position in one of the #1 school systems in Ohio.

    I use this same philosophy with all clients I educate. I believe that every child can learn at different levels and with different multiple intelligences. I have worked as a sub-teacher, special educational aide, one on one learning aid for children with autism, tutor, and parent advocate for students with learning disabilities in my community.   One of my approaches is to educate students through their interests, individualized education which is the goal. 

Enjoying the sunshine, while learning. A different learning environment makes a difference! 

He loves to be read to by the students. 

Mindfulness activity before the learning starts!

I’m so grateful that both of my kiddos got to work with you, Mrs. Jones. 

You’re a huge blessing. Thanks so much for all the help you provided for my girl. She spoke so highly of you. Please accept this gift on both of my kiddos' behalf.

Music and Math while learning, out-of-the-box strategies.